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BACK IN THE DAY. But now I'm older and less stupid, so whatev's.

Sorry, but I can explain.

2010-03-12 16:48:51 by Devils-Dog

My laptop, with all my data, died thanks to an automatic update.

Microsoft can't tell the difference between a full release and a pre alpha test.

Anyway, said laptop included:

All my movies, including my 17/18 old movies from 2008 and early 2009
All of my scripts, which was around 13
All my Sony Vegas files
Basically, all the stuff I need for my movies.

The only way to fix my laptop is to use the restore disc, but that would delete all my stuff, and the harddrive is not removable.

The only solution is to boot Linux from a USB/CD. But I have no idea how to do that.

Not going to give out much details, as it's only in the writing process.

All I will say storywise is that it will:
- Be a treasure hunt type movie, with the Uncharted games as an influence.
- It will include Jack Barr and Timon, 2 recurring characters (The white guy and the blue guy)
- It will include a new character, who will be named Adrian Finch
- It will involve 4 "artifacts."

It will be titled:
- Armada - Lombachztyl

And on the technical side, sorta, the framerate will change. What I used to do was film at 24 frames per second, and take 2 frames each time, but that is just the same as 12 fps and taking one frame at a time. It also makes the final .avi much shorter than it would be, as on MonkeyJam (what I use to animate) only allows you to take up to 1200+ frames.

So I will be changing to either 12 or 15 frames per second.

Also, this movie will most likely be in multiple parts.

So look forward to that, and I guarantee* that it will be good.

Peace out y'all!

*Not in guarantee.**

**At all.***

***I mean that, there is absolutely NO guarantee that it will be good.****

****Just joking. It'll be just fine.

They are terrible, that's what.

I just animated a clip. And I watched it, and I thought, "this is terrible."

Animating a guy getting his hand cut off, and then getting slammed down onto the ground is very hard to do.

But I do have TONS of clips that I made and never released, I might do a montage for you guys.

2010: My Plans

2010-01-06 14:26:50 by Devils-Dog

OK, 2010, here we go. What to do, what to do...

I don't actually know. I do have 2 scripts that I wrote prior to writing "Armada - Hide And Seek", but I didn't find either of them funny, so I wrote a new one. Who know,s maybe you'll get to see them and decide if they really were funny or not.

I would like to do a huge subseries to Armada, and have crap loads of parts in it and make it really long, kinda like Knoxs Klay World Part 1-6.

I also want to try a silent, black and white type Claymation. Just see where it goes.

So from the above part, this is what I will possibly work on this year.#

Unfinished Script: Armada - The Protester
Unfinished Script: Armada - The Ad
Long Armada Sub-Series
Armada - Noir (Title? Change or Stay?)

If I get any of that stuff done, and even if I don't, I will write a new script sometime and make it into a short.

Anyway, 2010 AWAITS!

Makin' Another Movie

2009-12-22 15:10:53 by Devils-Dog

It'll be out on Christmas, but it's not Christmas themed. So I'm a bit clueless about what to call it.

Working Title is Armada - Christmas, but it isn't Christmas themed so I need o change it. Anyway, y'all can look forward to that.

New Movie Finished!

2009-11-14 15:44:12 by Devils-Dog

Just need to export it in flash and upload it.

It's a short movie, but I think y'all will enjoy it.

Making Another New Movie

2009-11-07 16:03:56 by Devils-Dog

It's only a short little movie, it's called Armada - Matches.

I'll leave y'all to guess what it's about.

Animation is nearly done.


2009-11-03 10:36:05 by Devils-Dog

Armada - Hide And Seek is finished.

Just need to compress it and upload it, then y'all can watch it.

As you already don't know, I deleted all of my older crap (except for Madness, but I can't delete, don't know who to PM about it.)

Anyway, it is currently called:

Armada - Hide And Seek

And the subtitle is:


So look forward to that. I actually planned this on out, I wrote a little script for it and I have just finished the animation. Much better animation than my older stuff.

It looks pretty good so far, also, I got a new mic,so the sound quality should be a bit better.

Making A Brand New Flabulous Movie.